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  1. Welcome to Highlands SMP! World download for season 1 will be available soon! With the server wipe in a few weeks time, join our community days before we launch 1.18! We are a vanilla server looking for new players joining us as we are closing to a server wipe and version update! Everyone between the age of 15-18 are welcome to join! We are a friendly bunch who are very good at building and game mechanics. We have a roadmap leading up to the server wipe: 4th - 11th December: 1.17 world turns creative (do whatever you want) 11th - 18th December: server wipe! Creative 1.18 world for explore and planning 18th December onwards: Complete server wipe, new 1.18 SMP! Apply now via discord! Discord is required if you would like to join us, please message K1LLUA#0690 or itsnina#8714 for screening and invite. Enjoy!
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