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  1. I have deal my problem, thanks you guys so much!
  2. How to check whether the DamageSource is cause by player? I want to use getDamageType method but I don't know how to check it is cause by player.
  3. When the animal being kill, the isAlive will return null, I think that is the problem, is it have another method can detect target being kill?
  4. @SubscribeEvent public void bloodMinxsOne(AttackEntityEvent event){ if(event.getTarget() instanceof AnimalEntity) { if (!event.getTarget().isAlive()) { PlayerEntity player = event.getPlayer(); player.setHealth(1); if(!player.world.isRemote()){ String msg = TextFormatting.YELLOW + "you kill a animal"; player.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent(msg), player.getUniqueID()); } } } } I tried to use AttackEntityEvent but somehow it doesn't work
  5. I am new to minecraft modding, and I want to make a event let player HP - 1 when player kill a animal, but I can't find a event which will fire when a animal being kill (I tried LivingDeathEvent but it donsn't work.)
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