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  1. Name kind of explains it. I implemented metadata for some blocks but all the names are the same. Info can be given if requested.
  2. just glancing at your base class file, where is pocket sundial? on another note, the model renderer is crashing it. knock out the method starting on line 20
  3. recode textures for 1.5.2, blocks should be loaded in preinit/init, setup your config correctly, you don't need harvest level, client and common proxies really aren't needed; btw the block doesn't need hardness, resistance, or step sound by default. read the tnt code for the block "damaging block".
  4. go and read the open source mods for how they handle their network
  5. copy the log from eclipse and post it here
  6. right click on the project and click refresh
  7. your error lies in "dirt_tools.common.dirt_tools_Main.register" line 44
  8. If I created a basic template for mod development, how would I be able to let others have access? github?
  9. I agree with draco, all i do is hand code the icon registration or reference it from a texture location file
  10. hard code a default id into your mod then make the config read the hard code. unless someone has changed their ids that might fix your error. it all depends on the root of your issue that is not evident on the crash log.
  11. But I write 90% of the information into other files such as: here: and here:
  12. so it's erroring in init.......change the method name and re-reference it to other files
  13. On another note, error appears to be a packet handling issue, which is strange because you have a packet handler....but its strange cuz i can't find a regular block id for what is in your creative tab....
  14. errors from code at those 2 locations.
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