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  1. please help me you guys dont like log of at 7:00pm or something do you? right? please i cant play hypixel without mods. i just cant please help pls ah well i suppose i will have to risk 1.8.9 if my computer's hacked i wont blame you guys ur welcome
  2. So basically, I want to install forge 1.18, instead of 1.8.9, because currently that is unsafe. However, when I right click on it, and select open, it asks me what I to open it with. The default option, "Keep using this app," wants to make me use: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-16.0.2\bin\javaw.exe". Now, that sounds right, so I use it. And it does absolutely nothing. It closes the "use this" window, and then I wait, and nothing happens. So I look up a video, and its supposed to say something like: "JavaTM Platform SE Binary," but I don't know how to make it say that. Could someone perhaps know the answer? Note: I have uninstalled and reinstalled Java already, as well as redownloaded the Forge installer. Note: I am using Java "Version 8 Update 311 (filesize: 81.71 MB)," if that's any help. Note: This is me posting this for the second time, I posted it in the wrong place before. (idk why i put this in)
  3. I've looked, but cannot find the Forge reply to the security issue I saw posted on the Minecraft Launcher this afternoon. I was wondering if someone on the forums could link me to it?
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