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  1. hello everyone, i'm trying to find out if a mod exist out there for typing in chat automatically upon some events, like right after i arrive on the server, or when i teleport from another dimension, etc.. simply put, i'm playing on a server right now where i have the right to /fly, but i have some connection issues and from time to time, i have to relog, problem is, the /fly deactivate when i go offline, it also deactivate if i change dimension, and it's a pain to type the command each time is there a simple way to automatically reapply the /fly command when it deactivate? or rather, right after the events (relog/dimension change) where it deactivate? i have no control over the server, this is purely client based and just to type something in chat back in the days, i used the macro/keybind mod, which was overkill for the use i had out of it, but it seems this mod is stuck in 1.12 since a long time, i'm playing on a mostly vanilla 1.17 server right now, so it won't do
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