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  1. My bad. However I've narrowed it down to the server instantly deleting the exp orbs as they spawn. I'll leave it there, thanks anyways.
  2. Hello! Me and my friend are starting up a modded minecraft server (via curseforge, he's hosting, and we've quickly ran into the issue of not being able to gain EXP on the server. We're only able to gain EXP via console commands. EXP orbs spawn from the things they are supposed to, aka mobs, ore, and smelting, but the exp orbs don't increase our levels at all, the bar stays empty. The odd thing is, it works in singleplayer! We're able to get levels with no issue there. The game version is 1.16.5, and I'll post the mod list too. If you need any more information feel free to ask; I'll try to give it.
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