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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for downloading the mods and trying to replicate the issue. I have a group of friends (about 20) using it via GDLauncher for a private server and most of them white screen at least half of the time they launch. One guy cannot launch at all, due to the white screen. Some have zero issues whatsoever, which I would assume you would be a part of that group. We've tried other launchers too, from Vanilla to MultiMC with no avail. It's insanely frustrating to debug because of how random the glitch is, as removing a mod won't actually tell me if it is fixed or not. Was there anything indicative in the debug log? I'm not quite used to reading them.
  2. Hey, the debug.log when it crashes is here: https://pastebin.com/6iZAJT1h This is as far as it gets and it simply stops. Here's a list of the mods: https://pastebin.com/Mz1W4AWB If you want, I can provide a google drive link with all of the mod .jar files
  3. If this is allowed, I will pay (Venmo or Paypal) $20 to whoever can tell me what mod is causing this/what I can do to fix this. If I sound desperate, it's because I am, lol
  4. When launching, Minecraft freezes on a white screen and will not progress or crash. This only happens around half of the time my game launches. Here is the debug.log, https://pastebin.com/6iZAJT1h and here is the latest.log, https://pastebin.com/QzhqhY5d As you can see, the dev log stops at KubeJS, but the debug log does not. I can't figure out which mod to disable to figure out. I've been testing by removing and readding mods for hours, and because of how random this glitch is, it's impossible to figure out. Sometimes it will work 10 times in an row, sometimes it will fail 10 times in a row, and that's without changing a single thing.
  5. It has to be some weird file issue with Forge or another mod. Removing a mod, running the game, closing the game, and adding it back in fixed it, albeit for a short period of time. There's nothing that indicative in the logs; removing KubeJS makes the console stop before that. It's like the whole thing just freezes sometimes, and I can't figure it out, so I'm signing off for the night. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Note: I had believed it to be Mr. Crayfishes gun mod, as I got an unprecedented 6 white screens in a row. I removed it, and it worked. I added the mods back, and it worked. Is this some sort of file issue?
  7. Very strange bug. It seems like half of the time I launch my game, it gets stuck at a white screen. I really can't figure it out. I am running 39.0.10 and Minecraft 1.18.1, and a quite a few mods. It mostly happens after I update any files or mods, but will sometimes do this multiple times in a row, or just randomly. If there's a pattern, it doesn't stick to it. This happens with both GDLauncher and MultiMC, so I don't believe it's the launcher or Java (MultiMC is using my installed Java, GDLauncher is using OpenJDK). I'll post both pastebins so it should be easy to compare. Here is the normal pastebin of when it does load: https://pastebin.com/Dqb4V2cJ Here is the pastebin of when it doesn't load: https://pastebin.com/fdBzsTjM Edit: I would love to disable mods and reenable to test which one does it, but with ~40 mods, it would take me hours considering this only happens 25-50% of the time.
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