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  1. Sorry for this late reply, As I stated above, forge is incompatible with my set up. I also tried a clean install with modloader and forge (both most recent and recommended) for 1.2.5. This ended up with the game sticking at the loading screen (that bug). Anyways, I'll try and resolve the issue (for 1.2.5). If not I'll resort to loading up my 1.8.1 backup Thanks for your time
  2. Which is the most recent/recommended version for a Minecraft 1.2.3 client?
  3. Issue Essentially, the problem is that whenever I have minecraft forge installed, all mobs, including myself, become invisible. You can interact with them, but its as if the textures are missing. However, if I do play a vanilla version of the game, the mobs are visible. Through a process of trial and error, I have deduced that this issue stems from the addition of Minecraft Forge versions I am running a single player client on Minecraft 1.2.3 All I have installed at the moment are (in presented order): MC Patcher 2.3.5_1 Modloader 1.2.3 Modloader MP 1.2.3 v3 Minecraft Forge Modloader.txt
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