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  1. I have probably started the server around 5 times, and i def dont see the debug.log i can try reinstall everything, mabye that helps
  2. This is the first screen of stuff that happens, after this it starts loading mods
  3. The server isn't visible on my main pc, just the pc i use as server. so i cant attempt to join from my main. but i will try to find it. This is all i see in the server folder
  4. So, i wanted to try some mods. i made a forge server. Installing went fine and it runs fine. But the server is not joinable from any pc. besides the one where the server is hosted. I have portforwarded the ip of that computer with the minecraft port. My normal 1.18.1 server works just fine, but the forge one just doesnt want to work. plz help
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