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  1. Ore Mountain "Mine as much ores as you can within 5 minutes!" Ore mountain will turn into mineable ores for 5 minutes!!! First event happening on Exodus Gaming MC server at 1 PM EST on 12 January 2022!!! IP: play.exogamingmc.com PORT: 19132 We are multiple platforms!!! Feel free to join our discord or follow to get announcements on more events coming your way if you miss this one!!! ^^ https://discord.gg/exodusgamingmc
  2. Hello! I’m Sweet and here to introduce Exodus Gaming MC~!!! ^^ Survival? Check! Different game modes? Check! Bounty? Check! New updates? Check! Welcome to our server!!! Exodus Gaming MC is open for explorations, solo or party~ Grind or find some shortcuts by earning income in your own selected way! Pvp or settle down in a land you claim~ We also have many different game modes that are open to being explored!!! We have more limited-time ones too!!! Come join Survival, Squid Games, KitPVP, Sky Block, Buildbattle, Among Us, and Murder Mystery~! Earn, play, battle, grind, explore All at play.exogamingmc.com BEDROCK PORT - 19132 Open to many platforms! Feel Free to contact me here or join our discord and stay updated on weekly events and giveaways!!! We have staff that are willing to hop on a join any game modes that wishes for more chaos~ https://discord.gg/exodusgamingmc
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