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  1. I was wondering if it was possible to have multiple icons on one side of a block? And if so how should I do this?
  2. thanks, I'm wondering how I missed that one I didn't forget it in my other file
  3. For my mod I'm adding some new ores like copper and tin, ... I'm able to add the ores and smelt them but my problem is when I want to put it into my inventory. When my inventory doesn't contain any ingots and I shift click it out of the furnace the right ingot appears (say for example copper), but if I try to shift-click tin into my inventory while the copper is in it. The tin adds to the stack of copper and transforms itself. When I use a normal click, this doesn't happen and I have the right ingot. My ingot file: I don't know if you need any other files, if so, just ask
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