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  1. After having some issues with my server, I decided to check the forums. However, upon entering, I slowly began to realize just how much of a toxic wasteland this place is. Now, I understand, you guys deal with a lot of children who can barely comprehend how to download vanilla minecraft, but the amount of rude behavior I see towards these people is unsettling. I've also noticed this seems to be a trend among the moderators and long-time members of the forums. I am not here to be rude, however I beg of you people to maybe... relax a little, ok? If not, oh well, I do not plan to return here, nor will I bring this somewhere more suitable such as a discord or a complaint forum. I hope this is all a misunderstanding, but from what I have seen thus far I doubt that. In either of the latter cases, let us rest our relationship here, I don't have the energy for a twitter argument. However, if interested, here's my email. It's a throwaway, so I don't mind sharing it. congabean@gmail.com
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