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  1. I see, if you left click an Entity you attack it, sounds logic, just added the following code and now it works Thank for your patience you helped me a lot.
  2. Ok I printed with LogManager like this: It prints "EntityInteract does cancel" twice when I use right click with standard player and the lead doesn't break, that's fine (although don't know why prints twice), but when I use left click prints nothing and the lead breaks.
  3. Just tried with EntityInteract, but still breaking, I'm thinking if it is an event hierarchy problem, because I have subscribed to other events, here is my code And here the evidence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w620jGN-AZ5kHKm1o6XqB2F7NnBeqmHe/view?usp=sharing Note that the "usu" player (bottom) has been /deop at the start of the video
  4. There I've erased all the logic, basically it checks if the position of the event is inside a prism, but still not working, I cancels successfully the break of others blocks, for example cant break dirt, but the lead still breaking and now the horse is free. I've taken a look at other events (PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock, PlayerInteractEvent.LeftClickBlock, PlayerInteractEvent, PlayerInteractEvent.EntityInteract ) and cant do things like read a book in a lectern, open doors and so, but none seams to work with the lead at fence. The complete method looks like this
  5. I'm trying to make the lead unbreakable/unleash-able, without success. Canceling the BreakEvent does work for blocks but not for lead tied in a fence. Also tried canceling the PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock and PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock events. Any suggestions?
  6. Oh I see, thanks, I've just updated my build.gradle with the latest version of parchment, Do you recommend any tutorial/course which explains the usage of Minecraft 1.18.1 classes and methods?
  7. I'm struggling to find the correct methods and classes, and I cannot find the latest documentation for 1.18.1-39.0.59 for example if I need to get the current player dimension name, I found this post: But there is no such attribute names. After searching the mod source code of an public available repository I found that the method I need to call is obtained through player.level.dimension().location().getPath() and not from worldObj (as the post said) nor getName() or something easier to guess, this is pretty confusing. I use to code faster but this procedure of trial and error of guessing the attributes and methods is too slow, and can be solved with good docs. Do I have the wrong environment? or What is happening? Where can I find the correct latest documentation? At last I must say that I'm new into forge but not new into programming. Thank your for your attention, any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello I'm running minecraft server 1.18.1 with forge 39.0.36 in ubuntu and tried to remove a mod, even thou the server starts it throws a bunch of "Found a missing id from the world", I did the -Dfml.queryResult=confirm but it shows also tried to run the command directly like fml confirm and it throws ¿Which is the correct solution to get rid of all the "Found a missing id from the world" in 39.0.36?
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