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  1. bless you and your insight. that seems to be it. i just finished hosting a 1.16 server so that would explain my lack of newest java thanks again
  2. Hey there. i am trying to run another quality modpack 3 which is 1.18.1 it says it runs of forge 1.18.1 - 39.0.22 which i downloaded and installed client and server side. now i get this issue it still seems the server installer is either not catching forge, or not installing forge itself. just i wish i knew what my mistake could be i tried redownloading the server files fresh and got this as soon as i typed true for eula https://www.pastiebin.com/61e4ef4b64457 this then runs on repeat i have hosted many private servers over the years and usually this isnt the issue. Any ideas? thanks
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