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  1. Sorry about the wait, I managed to fix the issue by loading in one of my server providers presets and stealing the jar from that. Sorry about wasting your time.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to make a forge server for me and a few friends to play on. Generally this goes over without too many problems but just recently when i was trying to make a new modpack the server wouldnt start, so I went through removing mods until I could find the error and as it turned out no mods were erroring, as just lone forge wouldnt start. the error I seem to be getting is "19.01 21:59:37 [Server] INFO ERROR StatusLogger Reconfiguration failed: No configuration found for '232204a1' at 'null' in 'null'" I have no idea what this means but after this the console wont send any messages other than "Auto-saving world..." after a couple minutes, and when out of curiosity I tried to join on a client it acted like the server was up but I could not join and there was no response console side from me trying to do so. It does recieve stop and start commands fine though. Thank you
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