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  1. #Edit: I saw that 321 is not supported yet from the previous posts, so I downgraded it, and it's solved. Thanks As the title goes. I am not very sure that the reason is the java update. But the only change I have made since last night (when the server ran normally) is the java update. the debug.log is: https://pastebin.com/6YVhH1i3 (part 1); https://pastebin.com/m573ZhBM (part 2) (Pastebin says my file exceeds 500 kb, and I don't know which parts are useful, so I posted all and divided it into 2 parts.) I haven't made any changes to any server configs except that I changed the max ram of the server from 5 to 6G. I am sure that I am running the 1.16.5 on the updated java 8 (1.8.0_321). I am not sure what's happening. Please help me. Thanks in advance
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