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  1. I have a server on Forge, no mods installed, version 1.16.5. If I try to do any update on a new release the placed block values randomize. Basically, the grass turns to rail road tracks, horses are dolphins grazing grass, chickens are fish sliding around on the grass, and the ender dragon is raining fire and hell down on the world. It's a interesting take on the game. However, you can't play this scrambled mess. The block will look correct in your hand, but once place it's anyone's guess what it becomes. There is literally zombie army's marching single file LOL...So the server is currently stuck on 1.16.5 and I can't update it basically. If I reload my backup to the version 1.16.5 all order is restored. I have updated my account, java, and reinstalled Minecraft. Single player works fine on new world creations....it's just this server and trying to update. It has been updated many times in the past, as it's a couple years old...any suggestions?
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