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  1. Ohh, so I will be waiting I once commit is posted you make relase, okay I understad now After Update your's recent relase Endcrypting with server is broken. World's work pretty well in single but Encdrypting to any server caussing massive lag and shortly after try close connection throw application to not respond. (But it's not that scary, I understad that after break conection this game react like this.) Only upated fille is forge now. So I pretend that something making app close. And, no one mod other that forge can cause bug at endcrypting i think. But thank's for the reply
  2. Yes, it's host problem, but not only, just wait before appling it publish. Or please make another stable version od 1.18.1. Look 55-th upgrade of 1.18.1 is just crazy, you teams never relase that much in one version. Current it's problem with Endcrypting caussing java error.
  3. Aternos apply your's update on relase. It's just make me tired to.
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