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  1. So I'm having this crazy problem where a vanilla server I've been playing on with friends suddenly stopped working for me and said that I needed forge installed despite the host making zero changes. Ok, cool; I install Forge 1.18.1. The server is a 1.18.1 server, but tells me "Incompatible Client! Please use 1.15.2". Okay, weird because that's significantly older, but I try it and install Forge 1.15.2. Now it says "Outdated Client! Please use 1.18.1". I'm stuck in a loop of 1.18.1 telling me to use 1.15.2, and 1.15.2 telling me to use 1.18.1, all while after telling me to install Forge for an unmodded vanilla server that was working fine without Forge 3 days ago. I'm not even sure what to make of this, any ideas on what the issue is or how to fix it? I am still unable to access the server...
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