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  1. Yes I do. And I did have that function in 1.16.3. I ran the jar file and I was able to use tab and up/down keys.
  2. Hi all, First post here. I have tried to solve this myself but I can't identify the problem. I used to use version 1.16.3 and in the console I was able to press up and down to access commands in the history and tab for auto completion of the command. Now I upgraded to version 1.17.1 and I these keys don't work anymore. How can I enable auto complete? Thanks. System info: MinecraftForge version 37.1.1 Minecraft 1.17.1 with MCP 20210706. OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 openjdk 17.0.1 2021-10-19 OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17.0.1+12-Ubuntu-120.04)
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