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  1. Sorry for the late response. You replied so quick I forgot to come back and tell you thanks. I ended up removing InfinityLib and it's depend mod AgriCraft, along with a few other mods that I should have removed long ago. It ended up working and it's back to nearly no freezes. It was up to date as I checked all of my mods the morning I sent this forum post (this was a brand new instance and my crash was the first loaded singleplayer world.) I am not going to bother with the mod more for the time being, including sending a bug report. Anyways, thanks again.
  2. I play Minecraft using MultiMC, and am currently playing 1.16.5. I don't use modpacks; Instead, I install all my mods one by one. After a certain number of mods downloaded this way, problems obviously begin to happen (usually after around 110 mods. 100 mods has been fine but idk if its mod conflicts or the number of mods causing a problem). Here is the crash report: https://pastebin.com/pidPDt5g Just realized after submitting topic that the debug.log contains the crash report in it. Didn't think to remove this before posting. Here is the debug.log report: https://gist.github.com/trevorreynen/b4156112bfa4542de1319bcc294fa97b NOTE: The debug.log is extremely large, my crash is at the bottom. Time should say 10:41 Extra info that may be helpful: I get 60-100 fps with all the mods listed in the pastebin crash report. Most noticeable problem, either a freeze or an fps drop (which doesn't show dropping so probably a freeze) after roaming while moving faster than walking. This is most likely the problem and the reason I crashed. However, I have a different instance of Minecraft with ~30 mods less. That instance also has this problem but not nearly as much or as bad of a freeze. I have not tried loading this pack without Optifine. I am willing to try without it but I am assuming the only reason I am getting good fps is because of Optifine so I'm skeptical in removing it. My personal modded resource pack combining many mod textures from PureBDCraft also includes textures for mods I don't have installed. Not sure if that could cause major problems or if it's just skipped over and doesn't matter. Idk if it's my computer and I need more resource dedication, mod conflicts, or something else I am not thinking of. If you manage to find why I crashed, how? What should I be looking at for common crash problems?
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