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  1. Just to know, how do I reset my java ? (do i have to ?) if I want to play vanilla ?
  2. So, it work perfectly. For those with the same issue, you have to dl this "jdk8u312-b07" in .jre (follow the link bellow)
  3. But only Temurin 8 and 17 have .jre versions Could you please tell me the one i have to dl ?
  4. Oh I'm an idiot. Well, i'm now on java version "1.8.0_321". But it didn't fix the crashes
  5. Temurin17 (LTS). Give me OpenJDK17U-jdk_x64_windows_hotspot_17.0.1_12 installer. I've installed it and.. well nothing seems to happens?
  6. Welp, once it is dl, what do I have to do ? Can't find it on my computer and he don't seem to run on my computer
  7. Hello, i've the same issues. First of all, does this fix (Downgrade Java) work? And, i don't really understand how to downgrade Java version. I've seen adoptium but i don't really know what is it or how does it work so can I get mor informations ?
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