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  1. I load up a modpack from the curseforge app, try to join a server but it crashes because of "invalid java runtime configuration" It also sometimes does that when i just load up the modpack
  2. I managed to fix it, I did just delete a folder, I just dont remember which one, but it works now
  3. I cant, is there another way to fix it? deleting a file? a folder?
  4. Well, I am playing the public release of the modpack,from the curseforge app, So it should be alright, I updated everything and everything else is ok, I dont understand
  5. What is it, and how do I solve it, because its something in this world specifically
  6. https://gist.github.com/witherofek/cfb7b76bea918f7b19f5fcbc07cb90cd
  7. It is the debug.log, I just did not know how to send it, let me try again
  8. <script src="https://gist.github.com/mattn/946330.js"></script>
  9. Hello, I am playing a modded SP world and until one day ago it worked fine but suddenly it doesn't load, I get into the modpack and everything is fine but then it stucks loading the world and doesn't load
  10. It worked right after I posted the problem, I dont know why it happened
  11. hello, im trying to get into my single player forge world but every time I try it crashes and says that an unexpected issue occured and it may have been caused by Invalid java runtime configuration, there is no crash log or report so I cant understand what's wrong thanks
  12. I port forwarded like toturials said so, with my ipv4 adress which is my computer only, but it does not work, that is why I have a problem. and just to make sure the server ip should be my local ip:server port right?
  13. how can I fix the connection, give them connection? what do I need to do? Do I really need to post forward my router instead of my computer?
  14. <script src="https://gist.github.com/witherofek/5dc80549424ea97895ad6f854d3da639.js"></script> - friend's <script src="https://gist.github.com/witherofek/cc239de768eee91e8572ca969f22b34e.js"></script> -server
  15. <script src="https://gist.github.com/witherofek/cc239de768eee91e8572ca969f22b34e.js"></script> in the mid-time here is my debug log of the server
  16. how can I get to the client debug log please? I am trying to get my ffriend's client debug
  17. I know I can copy and aste, but it is too big for the web, so I cant and also I dont know what is relevant or not One more thing I dont know is should I paste here my own client debug log or my friend's who couldn't join
  18. Ok I found the server debug log, but I cannot copy it here because the file is too big , what do I do and how can I find the client debug log
  19. Hello, I have started a modded minecraft server, it works just fine, I can get in, it does not crash. I post forwarded my computer so anyone can get to the server(or should I post forward my router and not my comuter idk) and I allowed it through my firewall defender, but every time my firends try to join the server they get this: "io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out no further information" but I cant figure why, I did everything, didnt I?
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