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  1. Thanks for the reply, John. At this time I am not looking for Minecraft devs- the project is basically for a database and website for a customer (business) of mine. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the idea, I will check there. Good some contacts from my previous software development job- can't believe I didn't think about that! So far: Guru.com LinkedIn.com Any others?
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a software developer(s) for a project. What are some good places to look? I have heard of guru.com but have never contracted anyone through there. Why am I asking on here? Because I have seen a lot of good developers working on Forge and making Minecraft a much better experience IMO and figure someone(s) on here might want to work on this and make money of course! This is the blurb I have been working on (think I should add/remove something?): ----- I have a customer that has an Access database that they want to do more with and then move on from
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