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  1. What do you mean by "Forgesrc still doesnt show"? Are you actually looking for a folder in your project src that is the forge source? What are you expecting to be seeing and where are you looking?
  2. Could you show a screenshot of the contents of the folder 'ye'?
  3. I just had a break through. It seems it is an issue with the world itself. I went to a new fresh world and it works with no issues.
  4. So I have found that the cause seems to be the createExplosion method, which tells me I must be passing some sort of bad information to it, or calling it improperly. But as far as I can tell, I am doing everything right with it.
  5. Does anyone else have any thoughts as to what might be causing this issue?
  6. Do you have json for the item model of your block? Nevermind me, I should have refreshed the page before responding.
  7. The error is a resource pack error, which I can safely say I have never seen from any of the screwed up jsons I have made. It makes me think there is a resource pack installed for a previous version of Minecraft. If you don't have a resource pack installed, it could be.
  8. Lex has a lot of haters. He is blunt and tells it how it is, which most people don't like. Everyone has a run-in with him thats makes them hate him, just some hold that hatred, others let that hatred go and learn that he was helping but is tired of people who don't know what they are doing and refusing to do what they really need to do, usually learning basic java and basic coding in general. The class you have there is as simple as it can get. For a single item the helper method isn"t really needed, but it becomes a more important resource when you start getting many more items since it will make updating the resource locations a lot quicker if something chages. Aside from that, I don't think there is anything anyone will say you can do to make that class any simpler or efficent.
  9. Since I first built this in 1.5.2 I do not remember the reason I did not extend the vanilla chiclen. I would guess that at the time, it was because of spawning issues or issues with making the chickens hostile. As for why code isn"t split between each individual chicken, that is because I have made the chickens highly configurable, so any chicken can do anything. So to put the "respective" code in each chicken class, I would have 21 classes that would be almost 100% identical. Which would also mean loads more time would have to go into updating since I would have to update 21 classes instead of just a single class. I will admit, when I was first building the mod, I did copy and paste a lot of vanilla code, but I have also made several changes to get the code to work the way I wanted/needes it to.
  10. Unfortunately that was not the case, there was no change in the result at all.
  11. I feel like I've done that before with no positive results, but that may have been for a different issue, so I will give it a shot tonight and see if that works.
  12. I have condensed my code down so the link in my first post is off by several lines. So here is the correct link. I also commented out all the code using the Minecraft instance since none of that is important right now. I still can't figure out what is causing the hang. Putting in debug code between each line and even overriding the remove methods and all the debug lines do get called. So it seems to me it is something after the my entity is removed, which makes no sense since if the entity dies in any other way, this is not an issue.
  13. OK, I will add that to my list of things to address. For now though, can we focus on the issue I made the post for?
  14. The value only ever gets used on the client side for sending chat messages when the tamed entity dies. Are you saying you believe that is what is causing the hang though?
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