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  1. I got dis for you. I found it in the WritableBook and EditableBook classes This is what i had: ItemStack tomeStack = new ItemStack(Item.writableBook); NBTTagList bookPages = new NBTTagList("pages"); bookPages.appendTag(new NBTTagString("1", "Insert text here.")); bookPages.appendTag(new NBTTagString("2", "Insert moar text here.")); tomeStack.setTagInfo("pages", bookPages); tomeStack.setTagInfo("author", new NBTTagString("author", "Author name here")); tomeStack.setTagInfo("title", new NBTTagString("title", "Title here")); tomeStack.itemID = Item.writtenBook.itemID;
  2. Okay, I got the Enchantment, but I cannot apply it to the special ItemBlock (a new class I made) but I can apply the enchantment on the book to anything in the anvil in survival mode.
  3. I would like to make an enchantment. I know that I have to extend the class "Enchantment". I want to enchant an ItemBlock of a specific type. And then make it place a different block if it is enchanted with a certain level and enchantment. My main obstacle is making the enchantment.
  4. I want to change if an enderman attacks you if you are wearing a different item aside from a pumpkin and i want to remove the enderman-blocking functionality on the enderman. Unfortunately, this is directly in the enderman code. This will be hard/impossible :'(
  5. Don't server-side mods remove recipes from in-game stuff? Isn't there a more efficient and less cpu-heavy way?
  6. I tried to remove a vanilla recipe by deleting it from the list. It is the recipe for making pumpkin seeds. ShapedRecipes noRecipe1 = this.getShapedRecipesFromRecipe(new ItemStack(Item.pumpkinSeeds, 4), new Object[] {"M", 'M', Block.pumpkin}); CraftingManager.getInstance().getRecipeList().remove(noRecipe1); FYI: getShapedRecipesFromRecipe is a method I made that mimics the CraftingManager.addRecipe except it doesn't add the recipe to the list. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.
  7. Fine. How would I add a new generation while deleting the old one to the BiomeDecoration. P.S. Can you show me a way to remove recipes from vanilla?
  8. I need to change a block that is generated in WorldGenPumpkin but I do not want to re-invent the block pumpkin
  9. There is this method i want to change in a base class. Can I do something like BaseClass.Method = MyClass.NewMethod
  10. Okay...... I just need to change what block spawns in the world. Like, if i change the block type that generates in pumpkin patches so it becomes stone patches .
  11. Okay, that works. But is the number in [] the block id and can I use Block.blocklist[164] = new BlockDerp(164) instead of making a new block or will it crash?
  12. I want to edit the BlockStem or at least change pumpkinStem in Block. Like: Block.pumpkinStem = new NewBlockStem....... When I tried it. i cannot because it has the final modifier. I do not want to edit the Block class.
  13. I need to edit a file. More specifically, change a method in a vanilla file. Could I set the method like I would do with any object or do I directly have to edit the file? I also want to change a block into a new class but it is listed as final. If I do any of this, would there be a need of a certain change in the way my mod is distributed or something?
  14. I have the main code, with an item that changes a block (like a hoe) How would one spawn an item on the ground. Like if I use a hoe on dirt, it will spawn a block of dirt on the ground. I also want it to fountain out of the top of the block (like 4 different items fly out the top)
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