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  1. Please move to General MC Discussion (I guess, sorry) Hello, If you're not: *Coder - Skilled (GUI, TileEntity, PacketHandlers, Renderers + All basics of course) *Graphic Artist - 2D - Can make http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/5296/zombieyi.png or better. - 2D - Texture packs - 32x32 terrain, items, and the most important - SKINS (32x32) - 3D - Techne or movie maker (3DS MAX, Maya, also AE) *Someone who can EASILY understand scripting - By using logic and creativity you would be creating quests and fabule plots (Belive me, it's time-consuming) *Someone who knows something about TerrainControl plugin. - Actually know much Don't write mails (Unless you just want to ask about something) Introduction: After hours (I mean - houndreds) of coding mods, making custom launchers, creating Web Player Panel and Website, also Forums and Graphics (3D/2D) - I must tell - two persons just CAN'T do it alone. As a Dev manager I was obligated to post this thread here. Thread about our project being in need! What is this all about? ,,I have a dream, that one day this community will rise up and play on the most fabulous RP server that ever Existed." - This sentence should give you the main idea of what this project is all about. Moar? Once upon a time I (Ernio) had an idea of opening RP Minecraft Server. As I went to my friend (Kubas) and asked him if he would help me with whole Web Managment thing, this SMALL idea evolved into BIG Project. After some weeks of coding (Me - Game, Kubas - Web) - working on this project became very addictive. Big Project transformed into even BIGGER (up to 400Slots) which has been named Realms of Arcania. Big, RPG server, with it's own world storyline (lore), own Launcher, own MODS, and special autentication system (Player Panel). If you are ready to become one of us (we can't, at least I can't make everything on my own) please - feel free to post something about yourself here or send your CV (simple) to us (roa@realmsofarcania.net). This server is not for ,,I wan't to be admin" kids (or ADULTS maybe?!?!) We need people who are actally dedicated to what they do, and what needs to be done. Now - maybe something about progress? *Working launchers: -Checking client version -Auto updating ALL files -Showing news / changelog -NON-PREMIUM SUPPORT (special auth procedure - Player Panel) http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Launchers.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Launchers.png Note: Friend is also working on Industrial - smaller project but still - you may apply to this. Ind Dev Team: We need Mod, plugin, File Manager. -RAM allocation http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Start.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Start.png *MainMenu -Just some supporting changes - Player Panel, Direct Connection. http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Game.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Game.png *InGame Mods -Plenty of new ores, bars (ingots), also alloys. http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/InGame.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/InGame.png -New Enums (Tools), Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armors. -We also have implemented some mods such as RedPower and AnimalBikes. -New mobs - ex. Bandits (groups); Drops, ex. leathers and additional crafting. -Recipes are much more complex - putting some Steel in Workbench won't give you Breastplate Posted Image -Changes in Debug Screen (less complex, more readable) http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Debug.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Debug.png As you might saw in the last picture - isn't there something strange?! -YEEP - HD Skins support, HD capes support. http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Char.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/Char.png http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/CharBack.png'>http://realmsofarcania.net/Server/Images/CharBack.png Note: Those mods are ,,Mine" - they are coded in a such way to work with Player Panel - that means you got full control over your Character and its look. (Also for Non-Premium users). -Almost forgot - we are using SmartMoving mod which has been specially combinated with other render stuff - pauldrons (I'am working on this one) *TODO -MOAR GUI stuff - visual image of game (character tab, skills tab, info tab). -Class and experience system - yeah, that's why I need YOUR help - dedicated to CODERS -Map - I was working on 40000x40000 map (I am also GArtist) in TerrainControl plugin, but after some time I gave up - scraps of map are available through - this need some time (map is divided by sectors - we're not making whole now. -,,Someone who can EASILY understand scripting" - yeah, head of lore part is needed, you'll be instructed what's the game and the first plot (The Legacy of Heroes) all about. So... In the end. We would be very happy to have YOU (I mean... read begining) in our team. MOST WANTED: -CODERS -,,TerrainControl-guy" -Plot-guy -GArtist *2D / 3D CONTACT: Mail: roa@realmsofarcania.net Skype: ernio333 Web: http://realmsofarcania.net/ - PM, or new topic. Note: (Web isn't in use now, so it's better to use mail / write here.) PREFERRED - SKYPE Thanks for reading - POWER WITH YA!
  2. Again: (please read careful) ,,I've done random (%) drop, for every block and put it in ,,MySmoothStone" block. Sadly this is still ,,MySmoothStone" not the oryginal one, so the only way to make ores just drop from random Smooth Stone is to replace 100% or Minecraft Smooth Stone with my own ,,MySmoothStone by OreGen process." Actually this gives me everything I want - I got (MY)Smooth Stone that replaces (Normal) Smooth Stone, also it has % chance, and is not re-makeable (you can only make normal Smooth Stone from Cobble, that hasn't got % drop). But isn't it RAM/CPU consuming for example when you use //regen command from WorldEdit (I am using MCPC+)? I am not sure but isn't it like this: Gen (Normal)Stone -> Replace it with (MY)Stone? Well... through I may drop the idea of remaking this Stone Generation, I can't just walk away from the ,,drops depending on altitude" - this is VERY important. Maybe you can help me with this at least? (read 1st post if you haven't alredy) Thanks for help, Ernio
  3. Hello, Let's just focus on problem: I want my ores (about 10 different) to instead of generating IN the world, to be dropped by Smooth Stone. I've done random (%) drop, for every block and put it in ,,MySmoothStone" block. Sadly this is still ,,MySmoothStone" not the oryginal one, so the only way to make ores just drop from random Smooth Stone is to replace 100% or Minecraft Smooth Stone with my own ,,MySmoothStone by OreGen process. There are the questions: Where can I find / how can I code this: Instead of Smooth Stone from Smooth Stone block, there is % chance that it will drop Block X. Next: How can I code this % drop, that before giving loot it will check destroyed block altitude and run proper chances. ex.: 0-16: 1% for XBlock, 0,5% for ZBlock, 0,1% for YBlock. 17-32: 0,5% for XBlock, 0,3% for ZBlock. 32-64: 2% for IronOre + other drops (I think you get the idea) Next: I've seen some Bukkit plugins that before giving drop, they check if the block was generated by Server (not placed). How can I make Smooth Stone launch % drop chance only when it is Server-made (where can I find it / how to code it). Next: % drop depending on what BIOME are you in - but I think I can handle it on my own. Thanks for helping me, Ernio
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