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  1. Find a `public static final` field net.minecraft.item.Items for the item you need. Then look into its usages with IDEA or Eclipse. I found a method that checks for the totem and you could take code from it: LivingEntity#checkTotemDeathProtection. (i am using snapshot 1.16.5 mappings)
  2. Hello. I need to style a TranslationTextComponent according to the value in a custom rarity enum (e.g. RARE("9"), where 9 is a color code). How can I do it?
  3. It's private, https://github.com/mosswork/skyblock Message me with your username and imma add you
  4. What am I doing wrong? (kotlin) MCItems is net.minecraft.item.Items Items is my own object containing all items that my mod has Item.provider is "ItemStack { this }" where this is the Item class CompressorContainer(id: Int, inv: PlayerInventory, iwpc: IWorldPosCallable) : WorkbenchContainer(id, inv, iwpc) { val csl: List<Slot> get() = this.inventorySlots override fun canInteractWith(playerIn: PlayerEntity): Boolean { return true } fun setResult(stack: ItemStack) { this.inventorySlots.first { it.slotIndex == this.outputSlot }.putStack(stack) } override fun onCraftMatrixChanged(inventoryIn: IInventory) { this.inventory val cs = this.inventorySlots.filter { it.slotNumber in 0..9 && it.stack !in this.inventorySlots.filter { af -> af.slotNumber in 0..9 } .map(Slot::getStack) } if (cs.sumOf { it.stack.count } == 160 && cs.all { it.stack.item in arrayOf( MCItems.DIAMOND, MCItems.GOLD_INGOT ) }) { val i = when (cs.first().stack.item.registryName?.path ?: "air") { "gold_ingot" -> Items.ENCH_GOLD "diamond" -> Items.ENCH_DIAMOND else -> null } if (i != null) setResult(i.provider) log.debug("WE DID IT") } dLog() } fun dLog() { log.debug(csl.size) log.debug(csl.filter { it.slotNumber in 0..9 } .joinToString(", ") { "${it.slotIndex} - ${it.stack.item.registryName?.toString()} with ${it.stack.tag}" }) } }
  5. I want to place some item in the result slot of a vanilla workbench when an array of itemstacks (with count of each equal to the count of other) in workbench (crafting slots) matches mine. I don't have any screenshots of mine except hypixel's workaround (chest gui with abilities to count items in crafting slots). The main objective is to make recipes like on screenshots possible prn
  6. I'm facing an issue that in Skyblock, there are recipes that have multiple items in a single slot. And I don't want people confusing my custom crafting table with a normal one so I wanna somehow hook into the event of preparing to craft an item (or do I have to use mixins?) and change the result slot.
  7. I run "runData" task and it gives me an error: "Invalid value: -1" and no logs/stacktrace The same happens when running "runClient" I'm using KotlinForForge and all my code is in Kotlin.
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