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  1. Also is it that if I can enter the world fine (without the world crashing or something?) it's not to do with chisel and bits but something it's trying to modify??? (So it'd be fine in that case)?
  2. Just chisel and bits (not Rechiseled also)? (Have just disabled chisel and bits for now and if there are any mods that have it as a dependency will disable those mods also)
  3. (Might sound strange) I am not 100% sure how to do world backups.... Do I just find the world save folder and copy it across to my PC somewhere so it is spare or something else? I notice multiple mods are available to make "custom backups" however not so sure how good/reliable they are (probs are enough but not totally sure)
  4. In short I have a singleplayer world I play a bit. I can do it for 30 minutes before it freezes and gets stuck not responding. From the logs I see something relating to one of my mods called Tickdynamic spamming the logs but not sure if thats causing the crash or its spamming trying to fix something about another mod??? When it does crash it comes up with: Shutting Down Internal Server Couldnt save to Mclogs for some reason so used alternative site: https://jmp.sh/s/CbCvBJFhxDTUaQBIXvee - latest log https://jmp.sh/s/UW7eZjDP3WjgReBomCJ3 - debug log The spam is shown in the debug log (for some reason before other stuff got loaded it looks like) so not sure what's really happening there....
  5. latest log -https://paste.ee/p/nKdOu debug log - https://mclo.gs/P0mT6ZZ
  6. In short I can save them and their tags, position etc... all get saved however their tags don't render in the distance??? First time I've found this issue with Xaeros map. I tried backdating the mod which made no difference.
  7. Fixed this however now a weird loading issue (will try to fix myself but if I can't will post logs here)
  8. Basically what the title says. Previously I could launch a world however now I can't even make one because of this error (am forced to crash the game to be able to exit)... debug log - https://mclo.gs/AcvL33G latest log - https://mclo.gs/2OMzQYG crash report - https://mclo.gs/gHW0qll (not sure if relevant since I crashed it to exit with windows task manager after the Data packs failed to validate)
  9. Whilst the pack all works there are missing tags for some recipes (not many of the recipes but around 1/20 recipes so far some of them have come up with this: https://pasteboard.co/NcylvVNATPyD.png) I have REI and RER on the pack and never experienced this with JEI however some mods dont "like" JEI... If there's a mod that can fix/patch stuff like this or a simple solution would be appreciated.
  10. The game crashed whilst rendering screen Error: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException latest log - https://paste.ee/p/ORJ8O rei log - https://paste.ee/p/5wFqM crash report - https://paste.ee/p/CiVMS
  11. https://paste.ee/e/lXYn6/0 - latest log (I have put it back to default and listed all the mods I added to go through each mod individually to see if I can find what mod is causing the issue)
  12. In short I can make a new world and everything works fine up until then... upon loading up the world however nothing works. Chat updates with advancements, etc... terrain generates, but I can't: - move - open menus - basically anything The only way to do anything is force the pack to close. (I can provide everything from the modlist to logs and reports)
  13. sooo update... everything works but when hitting save and quit to menu the pack crashes... everything else is fine... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hmqGcbX1i8FslH_KttNyhP5PX1LPc3vh/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nwwgTRwQv-Shiyuw-7OzpelW0Wsbny_v/view?usp=sharing
  14. looks like it was probably the xaeros maps (have swapped out for journeymap)
  15. disabled all except pregenerator (will retest if crashes) the crash only occurred when I changed dimension (going through the nether portal overworld - nether)
  16. Middle of testing (currently in nether will try going different dimensions later) after disabling both bumblezone and betteranimals no crash so far
  17. Removing betterfps again as I got the legacy random source error (will disable)
  18. Might consider adding Alex's Mobs later once all the various issues are sorted...
  19. Without awareness the thread error isnt the crash (it crashes with -1) No Crash Report but here are both logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EYNKsfO_K94Diz2GveOcQeqyWE--NQMG/view?usp=sharing - latest https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BaVZLzZ_b17X-ROw6_0DufvnTcgjUS1v/view?usp=sharing - debug
  20. Will test with betterfps also (if the thread error comes back I will disable) as at best i am getting 30fps (avg) now which for my PC (13700K 4070ti) is low
  21. Update there is no reference to a setblock crash in the Crash Report or either log from what I can see...
  22. Removed Kubejs... Legacy Thread Error occurring again (A Crash report did get generated) - https://pastebin.com/GC3sqia5 latest log - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tVa8t99o4VEOIoZirM09kuDP7aFATBBP/view?usp=sharing debug log - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CnGbGtDpy5FJmSvt5iEC_cLopx0DQNPV/view?usp=sharing Will skim through debug log to see if theres a geode setblock error again or something else...
  23. Would it be more efficient without Kubejs or is Kubejs known for being buggy or something?
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