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  1. Yes. It worked. Thank you guys ❤️ !
  2. Okay, this was function from mc's source code, but in my mod i should use: Minecraft.getInstance().player.chat( ?
  3. Okay, so you are talking about this? if (n == 257 || n == 335) { String string = this.input.getValue().trim(); if (!string.isEmpty()) { this.sendMessage(string); } this.minecraft.setScreen(null); return true; } If yes, this `sendMessage` refers to: this.minecraft.player.chat(string); It is this function, that I need to use in my code?
  4. So what I should do? It is void not static method... Maybe I should create instance of `net.minecraft.client.gui.screen`?
  5. Okay... So i should use? ChatScreen chat = new ChatScreen(); chat.sendMessage("/r My Cords:");
  6. It was just example from internet, but i want to create this cord system... I didn't know about cracked clients and your policy, but i want to create this mod for auto reply system 😕
  7. ? What "why"? Compiling this code, gives me error, and I want to fix it... Why I want to create this mod? I want to make auto reply mod (other users run /msg "Where are u?" and mod automaticity replies with my cords..)
  8. Hi! I want to execute command from client side to server. I found on internet, that this code works: Minecraft.getInstance().player.sendChatMessage("/login pass"); But I get error "cannot find symbol" (at sendChatMessage method). I can't find code examples that works in this version. Can someone tell me, which method I should use now?
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