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  1. Problem solved! Thank you my friend; I wish you all the best. When I deleted "carryon-server.toml." still had the problem. Then I deleted the "serverconfig" folder and the map reloaded. I am very grateful for your help! thank you from the heart
  2. The error still persists. Strangely other maps open; and my map opens without forge
  3. where do i find the file? I'm not finding.
  4. Eu realmente não entendo se é isso. Mas siga meu log de "depuração"
  5. Hi guys. First of all, I'm Brazilian and I'm translating this through google... So forgive me for the spelling mistakes. My map loads normally when I enter minecraft vanilla, but when I log in through forge the map does not load and crashes. I need to close the app and open it again to unlock. Minecraft 1.18.2
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