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  1. Pioneer Craft [modded] {1.18.2} {SMP} {Community} {Light Roleplay} We are Pioneer Craft and we seek you !!! We are building a community of passionate players to build, trade, and share some laughs with. Are you tired of playing alone? Or are you here seeking a server with dedicated members; a server where you are not overlooked and can voice your opinions? If you are interested in these things too, then come join us in Pioneer Craft! Our server is player built and driven. We have a custom mod pack with mods chosen by our community to suit our needs. We have designed our server for player driven roleplay! There will be four communities which will each be self-sufficient. We encourage and seek builders who want to create a beautiful world to live in. This is a whitelist server and we are looking for dedicated applicants and experienced builders. Applications are located on our website which can be accessed through the discord. Other than the application questions, we are requesting photos of your prior builds which will be taken into consideration. Please show photos of your builds in the share-your-work section of the discord. The server uses CurseForge to run. This server is for mature members (16+) . Discord (must join): https://discord.gg/c4uJvb29CN
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