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  1. The Inbetween Lands await, struggler IP: modpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ia7i06IyHS6GQq1iiThst9WftOpVgmNF/view?usp=sharing Discord is fully optional, link can be found in the server. The inbetween lands is a Berserk inspired continent with a heavy focus on having players try to snowball into late game monsters through either magical or scientific means. The early game is rough and unforgiving, with seasons and harsh temperatures taking their toll just as much as the hellish monsters roaming outside Lukmiried, the starting town. There are dynamics in place for player led armies of robots, mercenaries, or demons. The science (or magic?) of dimensions is a sprawling subject with tons of interesting consequences for those who delve into it. Will you experiment on the riches of life or exploit the treasures of death?
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