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  1. Full:https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Steve-Waifu/1efd834d577c150a401e6efd6be119c7/raw/4c0c31314d5e058f2487232962378a1281cd02c0/latest.log Truncated:https://gist.github.com/Steve-Waifu/1efd834d577c150a401e6efd6be119c7
  2. Nope have played on this world before. It just stopped working after I put new mods into it.
  3. Here, I did not know if I should have given you the full version so I will give you both just incase Full:https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Steve-Waifu/5a607798454cbc093814aa0a1d9ed842/raw/9e221882811388f93a90666013c8608e7d7a0ddb/latest.log Truncated:https://gist.github.com/Steve-Waifu/5a607798454cbc093814aa0a1d9ed842#file-latest-log
  4. It might be the amount of mods I'm using but I'll still post it here to find out if it's a mod Incompatibility. lastest.log:https://github.com/Steve-Waifu/latest.log/commit/a9d1abbc66dce94f3742cbcecaa4d0ce3d888837
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