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  1. Earlier today I tried logging back into my 1.16.5 modded world with around 90 or so mods in it. I've been playing on this world with friends through lan for the past 3 weeks and everything has been fine. We've had to mess with some mods here an there but that's besides the point. When I tried logging back in, no more than 8 or so chunks load in, every mob is frozen in place, blocks break but items don't drop, I can move but cannot click or do anything to my surroundings. Eventually after a couple minutes the game will actually freeze and I have to task manager it to close. I have plenty of allocated ram, 10GB, and it never goes past 60% during this process. A backup I made around 6 hours prior to logging off for the day works completely fine, though my friends and I will end up losing a bunch of progress which we would like to avoid. Here's the latest log file. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Ideriom/DDD/main/latest Here's a screenshot of my F3 screen if this helps at all. https://imgur.com/a/fJCExuG
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