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  1. I did this stuff because that was the majority of what people were saying to fix that error. Thought I’d give it a try but didn’t have any luck. Copy that I will give the Refined Storage mod author a try. Thank you!
  2. I just updated my server and am now getting the crash mentioned in the title. I have tried deleting the ops.json, usercache.json, and whitelist.json files, but still having the exact same issue. It appears that when I start up the server, the crash happens right as soon as it finishes loading everything. I've also noticed that on the part of startup where it says "Loading spawn area", the percentage just stays at 0% and moves on. I also tried to just go back and play from the old server folder that I had and it is now getting the same issue. Server was working flawlessly before this. Any help is greatly appreciated! I have attached the crash logs below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- crash-report https://pastebin.com/z69ybPR7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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