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  1. No like the textures are missing and shit. IDK what's the problem with it or how it might've happened
  2. It still hasn't been fixed IDK why
  3. Does it say anything about fluid? Or like strings or something like that?
  4. I'm glad you found out the issue... But when I switch versions my game randomly crashes sometimes, I just have to load the game two times.
  5. Yesterday I started upgrading my enchanting table, but then when I placed down a bookshelf it stayed invisible and the number in my inventory never went down. It stayed invisible until I either left the game or broke a block, but that's not all. Even after the bookshelves are visible and around the enchanting table, it doesn't affect it's power. I thought it had to do something with my Minecraft files, (because recently I dealt with some ADWARE). But when I went to a normal, unmodded version of the game. It worked fine. I then began to think that it was my mods, but no... I checked every discussion page for every mod I had and there were no topics about what I was dealing with. That narrowed it down to forge, so I went to the GitHub page to report this exact same issue and they said to come report it here. I hope that somebody out here addresses this issue because I want the game to be funner and less prone to glitches. Thank you...
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