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  1. Guess I'll pivot to using an expression evaluator instead of a Java evaluator..
  2. Hello, I am working on a programming mod in Minecraft that is designed for coding Java, and I am using JShell to evaluate the statements. The issue happens when instantiating JShell with: JShell.builder().build(); With the stack trace: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Launching JShell execution engine threw: No ExecutionControlProvider with name 'failover' and parameter keys: [0, 1, 2] at jdk.jshell.JShell.<init>(JShell.java:139) ~[jdk.jshell:?] {} at jdk.jshell.JShell$Builder.build(JShell.java:405) ~[jdk.jshell:?] {} .. .. This is caused by the ServiceLoader not finding any ExecutionControlProviders. After looking into what a ServiceLoader is (https://www.logicbig.com/tutorials/core-java-tutorial/java-se-api/service-loader.html) and coming across this StackOverflow: (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71023598/serviceloader-not-finding-any-services) I'm lead to believe that Forge or something to do with the minecraft development environment is not loading the same things as a default java environment (where I've done my testing this far) (Below is the service loader screenshot, the IllegalArgumentException is thrown since there are no ExecutionControlProviders returned from the ServiceLoader.load(ExecutionControlProvider.class)) I have tried an alternate way to load a class with ServiceLoader.load(ExecutionControlProvider.class, LaunchClassLoaderUtil.class.getClassLoader()) // also tried disabling my mixin annotation processor in build.gradle // annotationProcessor 'org.spongepowered:mixin:0.8.5:processor' I'm not super familiar with how all this stuff is set up, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions on how to get this working? I've looked through a Minecraft JShell Plugin: (https://github.com/bramhaag/JShell/blob/cc2b8ae1191ab2e1b947a122430c586ed1c5ee81/src/main/java/me/bramhaag/jshell/JShellWrapper.java#L246 and https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/jshell.47753/) but there doesn't seem to be any special configuration there Thanks for taking the time to read! Hopefully we can figure something out...
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