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  1. Also agreed. I'm not suggesting you should answer them, takes too much time and effort that you and the team can spend better. I'm suggesting a Board where the community can discuss them. Which can't be on the official board, since answering them there would bump the post and create noise, etc... I'm coming back to modding for a mod for 1.12 and basically when I google a problem, 3 of 10 spots are taken by locked minecraftforge topics, 3 more by stackoverflow question (also the wrong place to ask) and the rest by unhelpful planet minecraft discussions. Judging by the amount of
  2. The general support forums receives a lot of threads about old, officially unsupported versions of forge. The crux is though that these threads are picked up by google and search engines, leading to dead posts without solutions. The posts are locked, so even if I or someone else knows the solution to the reported problem, it's impossible to answer for future visitors. Consider moving the threads to another board, where while no official support is provided, perhaps other users can contribute to the solution. Would apply to Modder Support as well, generally coming t
  3. I thought it would be straight forward to create a custom model format with item overrides, but for now, I don't see how. What I tried so far was the following: private static class ModelWrapper implements IRetexturableModel { //.... private final ItemOverrideList itemOverrides; @Override public Collection<ResourceLocation> getDependencies() { return itemOverrides.getOverrides().stream().map(override -> override.getLocation()).collect(Collectors.toList()); } } private static class BakedModelWrapper implements IBakedModel, IPerspectiveAwareModel { //.... p
  4. I want to spawn my custom mob in every village on the map, similar to how normal villagers are spawned. I have tried to look for a hook, but have not found a satisfying one. I am thinking about a quest-giver like entity with his own hut. Here's what I thought about: 1. Could you add your own StructureComponent to the village? This would be most favorable as I would also be able to spawn the house for the mob 2. If not 1, can you at least reliably react after a village has been populated to ship your own mob?
  5. I want to change a player's dimension but I also want to use a custom teleporter. So first I thought that I should use mcServer.getPlayerList().changePlayerDimension(this, dimensionIn, teleporter); but then I discovered that the class Entity has a method called "changeDimension(int)" which does a few more things, but does not allow for a custom teleporter (rather taking the dimension default). I wonder, what is the best course of action? 1) Use PlayerList#changePlayerDimension(EntityPlayerMP, int, Teleporter) PRO: allows for custom teleporter, CON: skips logic in Entity
  6. Can we see the exact console output in a pastebin? While I agree with diesieben that the code should run once, I suspect it might be because you use System.out.println instead of a logger that the message gets logged twice.
  7. Okay, got it, so I write a static method inside the SaveData public static ExampleWorldSavedData retrieveFor(World world){ ExampleWorldSavedData instance = (ExampleWorldSavedData) world.getPerWorldStorage().loadData(ExampleWorldSavedData.class, DATA_NAME); if (instance == null) { instance = new ExampleWorldSavedData(); storage.setData(DATA_NAME, instance); } } for now and use Capabilities in 1.10.2
  8. I am porting a mod from 1.7.10 to 1.9. Previously I used a self-written WorldChunkManager that used the perWorldStorage to have some data associated with the world it is used for. But now (thank god) chunk manager are a thing of the past, and it's solved via WorldProviders, ISaveHandlers and IChunkGenerators. What I did previously to access the data, was (CustomChunkManagerClass) server.getWorldChunkManager() and then work with the custom instance. The question I have is, what is the simplest method to attach data to the world (must only be done on the server, I allocate some "bu
  9. Okay, that should work if there's no cleaner method
  10. What, no, it doesn't. If you imagine the stages as a stack it is like this: ->constructed (FMLConstructionEvent) ->preInitialized (FMLPreInitializationEvent) ->serverRunning (FMLServerStartedEvent) --- <-serverRunning (FMLServerStoppedEvent) <- unknown event I'm searching for <- unknown even I'm searching for (maybe the same as one above)
  11. Similar to FMLServerStartedEvent vs FMLServerStoppedEvent I want to have a callback FMLConstructionEvent vs just before mods get deconstructed. Use case: I wrote a little API to help my mod transition between stages. So for example after FMLConstructionEvent I "enter" the "constructed" stage. Similar to services on Linux/Windows, some services may get started. For example, when FMLPreInitializationEvent gets fired, I enter "preInitialized" stage and my ItemRegistry-service gets started - and registers all the items. Now I thought that some services may wish for a graceful exit, so I need
  12. Is it possible to receive a callback when the user clicked the "Quit Game" button in the main menu (or, additionally, exited the game in another way)? I'd like to write into a small file in that case and do some other little clean-ups. If it is only possible with newer versions of minecraft/forge, I'd love to know, as well
  13. Ah, I see, so it is indeed the lambda, not the other invocation. Well that should be an easy fix, then
  14. I use forge version 1.7.10- and have the following code in my client proxy: @Override public void preInit() { IResourceManager resManager = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getResourceManager(); if (resManager instanceof IReloadableResourceManager) { IReloadableResourceManager registry = (IReloadableResourceManager) resManager; registry.registerReloadListener(this::reload); } else { MCAnm.logger() .warn("Couldn't register reload managers. Models will not be reloaded on switching resource pack"); } } Note that I use lambdas from java 8 but that isn't a probl
  15. My problem with mcmod.info and @Mod is that they are both non-binding, read, they could tell you everything or nothing. The mcmod.info could tell me the minecraft version, but doesn't tell me the forge version. Wheras the .pom generated by gradle->maven is a known and standardized model. At this point, I'm already commited to the installer, and I'd appreciate your okay/positive view on the coming pullrequest. There are a few more things that'd have to be added to the pom, e.g. repositories, but I'm certain I can resolve them. EDIT: I mean even gradle has full maven integration. ED
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