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  1. I can now!!!! Thank you so much! I did what you say of putting more time to join and i delete cache (just in case) and i can now, thank you so much 😭
  2. And yeah, about the 1 minute, I thought that too but I tell to my friend who can join, to take a cronometer and see how much it takes for him to join to the server and he said me that the time was exactly 1 minute, but for me is exactly 1 minute to get the error.
  3. Okay, thank you so much really, I am literally crying because I have been for all the last 3 days just looking for a fix to this and with each proposed solution, I get excited thinking that I will finally solve it and nothing has worked, and we moved to Bisecthosting recently and i was very excited to play in a better host, but this happened and even now I tried to play in the older host (we still have a plan there) and i can't do it anymore neither (the same error). I will try the mod that you sent me, thank you again. And i can send to you the modpack if is necessary.
  4. Why this thing can happen?, I was able to join to the world before with the older modpack and i always had a good connection/ping, etc, we reversed to older modpack and i can't join anymore, even we delete some mods to make the modpack more lightweight. Sorry if I am not understanding, is about my internet or some bugs with my client?
  5. Sorry, it worked for me, here is the link with WeTransfer: https://we.tl/t-WY7zef8DiX And i don't know if this is relevant but my game crashed 29 June before all this happened, at the same time I was activating a resourcepack, it happened when i had Architectury 4.5.75, with this mod all was taking a lot of time and eventually sometimes crashing, so like I said, I uninstalled it, I thought maybe I had a corrupted file for that crash, so like I said too... I made a total uninstall of Minecraft and even i try to join without resourcepacks and it didn't work.. but I don't know if maybe I need a more in depth uninstall... Like I said, my friend can join, but me not with the same files.
  6. Here is the debug file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B7-Ra-cupXsD0yaqm9GgXWUTOIUtE3up/view?usp=sharing
  7. Really thank you for your time. I tried yesterday to log in without OptiFine and it didn't work.
  8. I don't know what is happening but Drive is bugging for me in the preview, but if i download them, i can see the files well. The latest log is changing to another latest log, really i put the link on the log where the connection issues happened, and if i download it i from my pc, i can see the correct file, but when i open the link from another device, i see an old incorrect log (that i deleted), sorry for all the inconveniences, this is just son unlucky.....
  9. Debug server: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lc5giGHmcr-iJN3GryczWp8v8C7X4dew/view?usp=sharing latest log client: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VFtTAK5zTcMGxIjpcfXIlKC7GqzbL0S2/view?usp=sharing
  10. Okay, the debug I posted before is wrong, sorry, give me a moment.
  11. I didn't deleted the log but i see that is not there anymore, I don't know what happened, here is again my latest.log and the debug from the server (thank you so much for your attention, really I am very sad this is happening). And yeah, the IP direction is correct. Latest log: (Wrong log, deleted) Debug from server: (Wrong debug, deleted) And thank you for let me know about Croptopia issue.
  12. Sorry that i miss this, the error actually says "Too long to log in" .
  13. Since June 29 when the Minecraft servers went down, i can't connect to my usual server. I have Minecraft launcher, the host is with bisecthosting, yesterday i was all day with bisecthosting support trying to fix the problem, we did everything really and i couldn't connect. The modpack is custom, i manually do the overrides folder, and i sent the files to my friend, he could connect, but me not, with exact the same mods and config. I did a complete uninstall of Minecraft, we did a complete uninstall of the server, the hosting support verified that my connection was not the problem, we changed the server to all possible versions of Forge 1.18.2, I logged out and back in Minecraft, i allocated 7, 8 and even 9 RAM and still didn't work (My friend just allocated 6GB and he could connect without problem), etc. , really i was all day in this and even today i was still trying with a lot different things. As I said at the beginning, this happened on June 29, a day before the 29, I could play but the modpack was different from the one we created on the 29 for a new world, so I assumed that the problem was a mod (although my friend could connect). One of the new mods we had put out was Architecture 4.5.75. We checked the Architectury mod issue post and saw 4 people report that they couldn't join a server or a world, so we removed the mod and all dependent mods on it, but still couldn't connect, we reverted the modpack back to how it was at first before June 29th, reinstalling all server files, and couldn't connect. Latest log when i had the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FN-IEhGv1MPbMsSgD6-pPlCZVJS_l-SY/view?usp=sharing Please tell me if other log is needed, i don't know very well about what log i need to post.
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