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  1. @Luis_ST & @warjort sorry - the link accidently included the full stop - edited now
  2. I saw a video from Two Minute Papers earlier today about minecraft being played by an AI. I am going to give it a go myself and create a very lightweight version, I am going to look after the training myself so just imagine anything going to console is input data. Here is my code so far and I am stuck getting where my raycasts collide with a block: https://pastebin.com/SH0jZQPU Sorry my code is messy, i know some Java, more C++ than Java, but this is for a school project and i am really struggling at completing these last couple of lines - Any help would be appreciated. Any questions about the idea, please ask
  3. AIM: Output to console all rendered blocks. How would I output something to console (including block pos) each time a block (could be in a certain radius or chunk) is rendered (could be each tick or ever 20 ticks i guess)?
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