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  1. I noticed that ForgeModLoader-server is the most verbose log, and server.log is a more concise version. Is there any way for me to control which messages get written to server.log? I would like to allow console messages from a certain mod to get recorded there.
  2. Hi there, I am new to Minecraft modding, and would like to ask more experienced modders if my mod idea is feasible to implement using Minecraft Forge. What I want to do is very simple in principle, I want to make an improved version of a command block. At the moment command blocks have a lot of limitations. There are a multitude of commands that they are unable to execute, especially commands added from other Forge mods. Would it be possible to make a mod that adds an improved version of the command block, which is able to execute commands as if they were typed directly into the server console? Or would this require modification of core Minecraft classes? Thanks for your time, Francis
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