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  1. It seems to be stuck here, is this normal?
  2. Is this a problem with my network? I don't think my internet speed is too slow, or is it something to do with my area? I waited for more than two hours last time with no results
  3. I just delete the file and run "gradlew build", but it is still 16383 bytes long.
  4. I redownloaded it but it is still 16383 bytes long.
  5. I downloaded the file you mentioned and overwrote the original, but I still got an error, the previous file was only 16383 bytes long
  6. I deleted .gradle/caches/forge_gradle/mcp_repo/versions in my user home directory and failed again
  7. In order to use Mixin in 1.19, I copied the build.gradle from 1.18.2 to 1.19
  8. Although I changed the Java version to 17, this does not seem to work
  9. My (all) projects can't be built, what's the problem? Although it is building, I rebooted several times and waited for a long time with no result, I think it is not working properly.
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