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  1. ok i figured it out it was a problem with refined storage
  2. it didnt work latest: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/f285b397 debug: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/9742c15f this is after removing the upgradednetherite mods and optifine
  3. Ok I can try explaining it better. Essentially after I did what I previously mentioned with deleting and readding the mods, the world I'm attempting to play on ceases to load. It'll get to 100% and then half of it would disappear and it would just stay like that. The game would still respond but the world wouldn't load for hours on end.
  4. idk if this will be of any help but try adding more ram to your game
  5. Oh and heres the latest log for when i remove immersive engineering. Latest: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/d0bc1b75
  6. I'm not quite sure of the error but I believe it has something to do with immersive engineering. I previously tried adding some mods and ended up removing most of them and a datapack problem came up. I re-added all the mods but a problem that previously hadn't been there with immersive engineering occurred. Confused on what to do but have literally no clue so I've come back yet again. Latest: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/6977eed4 Debug: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/ad7a7923
  7. i ended up fixing it that day you can resolve it
  8. I tried adding datapacks to my world but it gave me this error. I removed them and the error remained. I tried deleting all my configs, removing some mods, but nothing. Idk what logs you need, so im gonna send these but tell me if you need more. Latest Log: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/755a363b Debug: https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/ae888f25
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