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  1. That reflection code does nothing. Look at the method you are calling. "Although I suspect you can't find it. The signature of the method you are using is for 1.18.x while the above methods you are using in (1) above are the signatures of methods in 1.19.x" It works fine in https://github.com/Tucky143/Crystal/ and I updated the git-repo.
  2. It keeps on crashing and I can't get it to load. I also want to be able to have it place flowers. Git-Repo:https://github.com/Tucky143/Buzz
  3. K, Doing that now...
  4. Unable to summon. Clip, "[15:53:40] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/NaturalSpawner]: Failed to create mob"
  5. Entity Crashing The game. Git Repo
  6. I tried but it wouldn't work, it wouldn't register my biome or dimension then.
  7. I tried just a json but it wouldn't work... But I have a dimension.
  8. If anyone knows how to make a biome can you please tell me how? Please and Thank you! GitRepo:https://github.com/Tucky143/Crystal-Minecraft-Mod-for-1.19/tree/main
  9. I made a custom dimension but... 1. I can't go through the portal 2. It deactivates the datapack Gitrepo: https://github.com/Tucky143/Crystal-Minecraft-Mod-for-1.19/tree/main/
  10. I made a chest but the texture for it is not appearing and then it's just invisible. GitRepo:Crystal Project 1.19.1
  11. The texture for the items for my armor isn't working. Git Repo
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