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  1. I said the crash report perhaps wasn't correct. I included it to provide as much information as possible to make the exchange as quick as possible. If I were lazy, I would have given up already. As I said, I carefully looked at the logs in the folder, and looked at the latest ones, as the event had just happened. I also looked at the size of the files, as I guessed it would be heavier than most since the server did not crash at launch. I'm not planning on publishing my modpack; I'm sorry if the term "modpack" is inappropriate, as I simply chose many mods to play with... You are right for the last part. I'll remove most low download mods and won't bother this forum anymore. Thanks, have a nice day
  2. I shared my server's debug.log. the date and hour coincided with the events. there is no way one would think something was wrong with the logs. it takes a second to say that the log is not indicating an issue without being condescending. Sure, no problem. I never said I didn't appreciate the help that was given for free. I always thanked people that helped me. your last message was condescending even if there was no reason to be. >like others probably did On this forum, only Luis and you seem to help people with their issue, and that frequently. you are more active than him. many posts remain unanswered. I bumped because it is better than recreating a new post like I had done before. I understand that you meet hundreds of people asking for help every week. If you're not happy with what you're doing, simply stop, nobody is forcing you to continue. It's not my fault if building my own modpack brings its lot of issues. No need to act so weird though.
  3. there is debug.log and latest.log. these have always been enough to help. I suggested that the crash report might have been from a different one, so focus on the other ones instead. no need to be so condescending. just ignore the crash report. and ,if you don't want to help, do not reply, ignore as well. everything is in there.
  4. Hello. I would like to know why everytime I try to teleport to a new biome, or that I move faster than world generation, the server crashes. is there a mod in cause ? is there anything I can do to reduce the lag and at least allow me generate properly and not outrun the generation ? Note : the crash report could be another time's crash, I'm not sure... use the latest.log and debug.log preferably https://gist.github.com/Daltaxy/6ccfb18cc277d5b76132c182fe3c3a99 thank you!
  5. hahaha I knew that would happen to someone else too. It cost nothing to make an update. glad I could help! there are also other features like when for no reason it takes your items in your offhand, I'll have to disable that too
  6. Whisperwoods isn't even 1.19.2... Looks like GDLauncher fucked up and created an enabled duplicate of every single disabled mod I had... That's the issue I'll have to report.
  7. wait wait, Whisperwoods is disabled for me ? how is this crash happening ? https://prnt.sc/IjOYFXBdGGNP
  8. debug.log is a mess to get on GDLuancher so I'll just include everything I sent here for now
  9. alright, I'll do that in a second. Which log do I include in the report ? the launcher log I'm guessing ?
  10. I'm sorry. There was no answer so I figured I'd post it again. Now I know, I won't do that again the launcher log : https://gist.github.com/Daltaxy/86fb3ecfb6a911a2851927aa1d76d218 even after reverting all of the 4 mods back to the old version, the game won't start...
  11. but we don't know which one of these is responsible of the actual crash ? I simply updated 4 mods, yesterday everything was fine lol
  12. I have cloth config, commonality doesn't seem to exist on curseforge, and the latest mods I updated are indeed for 1.19.2...
  13. I have checked every single mod issues sections, I tried reverting back to the old versions of the mods one by one, didn't work. The only issue I found is Citadel that doesn't go well with Alex' mobs. The issue is that even when I reverted back it didn't solve the issue... I posted this here to see if there is any more info in the log ?
  14. architectury, moonlight, delightful and citadel were the mods I updated this morning. Using GDLauncher, I can't start the game, it crashes. I tried going back to older versions but it seems like a compatibility issue ? reverting one by one still made me crash.
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