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  1. So I am quite new to modding and I want to create some tribal villagers with very complex AI. I learned about the two systems of handling AI, goals and brains. Since brains are very new there is no documentation or any explanation anywhere about them. I looked through the code of the villager class and can't interpret a single thing about whats going on they are way too complex. What I think I see is that brains have different states with sub states inside. Can anyone actually create some documentation on how they work and maybe how to use them too? Or can someone at least explain to me wtf is going on and how I could actually use this system?
  2. Hello, I recently started working on a mod and I have lots of experience with coding. One problem that I face is 3d modeling and textures, I tried to learn blender for 6 months and most I could do was make a donut (Everything else looked horrible). The mod I am making is for the latest version (1.19.1) and it is bringing ancient cities to life, every time an ancient city spawns there is a chance for it to not spawn in destroyed but rather alive and populated. I have structures for the live ancient city (I will link video below) from a really cool youtuber who has given me permission and support to use them for this mod. The alive ancient cities will have different kinds of villagers that are capable of doing different jobs and some will protect the village, I plan on having some very advanced AI for the mobs because AI is my specialty. For example the villagers will slowly age, grow old, and die. When villagers find a dead one they will bring it to the cities graveyard and hold funerals. This is just an example but I plan on having many other kinds of things too like some villagers become thief's and steal from your chests when your not around. The portal in the middle will be able to be activated (still brainstorming ideas for how) and when it does the sculk will leak out and corrupt the city just like the abandoned ones. I plan on the player being able to fight back the sculk leaking from the portal and if they lose then the city becomes like all other abandoned ancient cities, but if they win then they can go through the portal and it will lead to a new sculk dimension with very cool mechanics. I plan on a very big and cool boss to be in the dimension and if you kill it then it fully saves the village from any other attacks and it will be like a final boss. I have support and help from cracker the guy who made a really cool wither storm mod, I plan on the final boss being similar in scale to his wither storm. If anyone would like to help me make this project any help is really appreciated, more specifically modeling and textures help but anyone who would like to help with ideas or the code itself is more then welcome to. Thanks. Also I am willing to pay for models too. The video from the guy who made the alive ancient city I am using:
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