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  1. ok but how can i do it? there is no documentation about it
  2. Yes, but from what I understand doesn't matter the model but the shape it has, in theory with the #getOcclusionShape I should be able to define a custom shape to use for rendering the light, while with getShape the shape for all other things, the problem is that #getOcclusionShape is ignored and only getShape works (in fact if getShape returns Shapes.empty() I have no problems but as mentioned before I need a full-cube as shape and custom shape for light)
  3. My block model: if i place the block in the air or near the glass there's no problem, your shape work but as you said it isn't the solution, anyway thanks for the starting point 😃
  4. I've already "render_type": "cutout" in model file
  5. Hi, for several days I have been trying to create a non-opaque block, I have overwritten every type of method: #getOcclusionShape(), #useShapeForLightOcclusion() #isOcclusionShapeFullBlock() and another dozen similar methods but I always get the result in the picture. I tried to register the lock with both #noOcclusion() and without but without success ONLY doing getShape() {return Shapes.empty ();} i get the desired result, but I need a full-block shape. PLS help me 😢
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