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  1. It seems like we have a communication issue here. I can not explain better why I want that. Maybe that is because my English is bad or whatever. To save time: could you explain to me how I can search trough every incoming minecraft packet automatically with .contains() or that I need to seek help at another place. thank you.
  2. The server used that fake player as a way to dump debug data and forgot about it. It is the only way for me to get information like the real playerEntities (with is faked by the server when retrieved the normal way) and some other things that are important.
  3. Ok I got the the point where I can seed the packet object in the debugger, but I dont see how to see if it contains the uuid. The packets are huge and there are way to many to look for them manually. I dont see any option to run code from the debugger and if I could, where would be the difference to just running that code where I get the packet (I cant get them in to a state where I can search them for text)?
  4. Could you tell me where the packet decoder class is located and how its exactly called? I used an completely other way to get the packets. I dont care about the minecraft version
  5. The end goal is finding the packet within the data is send. I know when I found the packet, because it always contains a specific non existing uuid. Because of that, I came up with the idea to just convert the packets to text and search for the uuid. I have the packet Object, but I dont know how to get the raw text. If the debugger can help me with getting this text, please explain to me how. I dont care how to achieve that goal so every idea is important.
  6. I dont knwo about eclipse but Intellij has nothing to automate that and searching manually would take ages, as these packets are giant.
  7. The data is some kind of playerdata but I have no idea in what packet it is. With unintended i meant that a vanilla server.jar would not send data of this kind in that packet. This was confirmed to me by a ex-developer for that server. It cant be accessed by the standard ways of obtaining playerdata in forge and because I dont know in what packet the data is sent, I cant reverse engineer where I could access it. I know that this is strange, but like I said, this is for debugging purposes only and I will find a better and more stable solution for any productions builds, when I know where the data is sent. I know how it looks, so I could just look thought any packets with .contains(), if I had them as a string.
  8. I am aware that using the vanilla packets is not a good way to do something but I only need that for debugging purposes. A specific server sends some data in an unintended way and because of that I need to know in what packet the information is send so I can make my own parser for it. For that purpose I need ALL the contents of the packets as a string, so that I can filter for known information using .contains(). I tried using Gson.toJson() to convert a packet object to text, but many of the packets contain self references or other thing, which causes fails using that method. Sadly the information that I need is not stored in the packets. It would be nice if it would work in 1.18 but it does not matter, as I just need the data once for debugging purposes. Thanks for every help
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