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  1. I edited it in the IntelliJ project. And then it gives me this notification.
  2. Surely it is possible to just write the json files?
  3. It is located at resources/assets/(modid)/lang/
  4. This is my localization file (en_us.json). { "item.modid.cobblestone_nugget": "Cobblestone nugget" } However, the name wasn't showed in game, and IntelliJ tells me "Translation key not included in default localization file". What is the "default localization file", and how do I include the key in it?
  5. Thanks a lot. I've cloned the repository and now it works. Should I continue using the cloned repo? And thanks to all of you for enthusiasm to help!
  6. I've posted the whole directory at https://github.com/Infinitas64/forge-1.18.2-40.1.0-mdk.
  7. It seems that the method wasn't even used. Why is that? (since I'm new, maybe it's just some stupid problem)
  8. Thanks a lot. I tried debugging but it didn't even hit the breakpoint, while the diamond cannot be put into the fuel slot. I suppose the problem may be because the structure of my code? Still trying to find a way to solve that.
  9. That sure is what I imported. What should the method be called? Is there a problem with my way of registering the event? I'm currently using IntelliJ IDEA, how can I find the problem using "debug"?
  10. Thanks. @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = "modid") public class ModNameEvents { @SubscribeEvent public static void modifyFuelBurnTime(FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent event) { ItemStack stack = event.getItemStack(); Item item = stack.getItem(); if (item == DIAMOND) { event.setBurnTime(2560); } } } Why doesn't this work? Didn't I subscribe to the event?
  11. Thanks! The website has a lot of useful information, but I don't quite understand why subscribing to this event can change an item's properties and how to do so. The concept 'Event' is quite hard to understand:(
  12. I'm here to ask how to develop a mod in which something (diamond, for example) can be added as fuel for the furnace like coal, since I couldn't find where to change the properties of original items in Minecraft. My first attempt to make a mod, please help!
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